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Whitebait Pattie Costings

    Whitebait Costing Including Gst   FREIGHT Schedule Incl gst cost per kg  excl gst
  Cost   0-7KG 26 3.714285714 3.229814
500 gm 43.8   7-15KG 50 3.333333333  
8 eggs 4          
2 tsp rock salt     20kg AND OVER  FREE 0  
16 patties @1/4 cup    
  Sub Total 47.8   Whitebait Cost QTY   PRICE  
        1000 gms 87.6 incl gst
  Cost Per Pattie Including Gst   2.9875       76.17391 excl gst
freight per pattie(based on 7kg purchase)   0.116071429
  Total 3.103571429

    Whitebait Costing Excluding Gst   Egg Cost incl gst excl gst
        0.5 0.43478261
  Cost   Rock Salt Cost    
500 gm 38.086957  
8 eggs 3.4782609  
2 tsp rock salt    
16 patties @1/4 cup    
      The freight cost is based on a 7kg purchase which attracts
  Sub Total 41.565217   the highest freight cost      
  Cost Per Pattie Excluding Gst   2.597826086 The number in red is the cost to make the pattie
freight per pattie(based on 7kg purchase)   0.100931677
  Total 2.698757763 The number in blue is the total cost including freight per pattie
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